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One of the first major themes in the plot of In Irina’s Cards, is the ethics of human testing in the field of experimental medicine. Since Innoviro Industries is already a subversive and secretive company concealing the true motivation for their research, I didn’t find it a stretch that their leadership would have no problem testing on humans far too early in genetic engineering trials.

In the real world however, we instinctively experience a moral problem with exposing people (even sick people) to unproven and potentially dangerous treatments.

As The Variant Conspiracy books progress, Irina discovers more underground science developed to harm the planet, create new species (plant and animal), intentionally mutate human DNA, and worst of all, a deadly pandemic virus.

Not all of the scientists and business people involved in the Conspiracy were willing participants, but some were. I’m curious to know how readers feel that this reflects the actual state of research and development in our world. Do we perceive rampant immorality where R&D is concerned? Or as in the Conspiracy books, is it just a few bad apples?

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Originally published at on August 13, 2016.

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