Quick Calibre tutorial for Kobo users

This one is for my Canadian friends …

Not long after getting hooked on my Kobo, I discovered that Amazon didn’t love my chosen device. I purchased an e-book and transferred via USB to my Kobo. The file was unreadable. Sad, because this is my very first e-reader and I love it. First loves are a rare and precious thing.

So I freaked out a little realizing that the much larger library in Amazon wouldn’t be compatible with my EPUB-fuelled Kobo. If I couldn’t find a title on Kobo’s site, I couldn’t read it … right? Wrong.

After a few encounters with paid converter apps, I found Cailbre.

If you own an e-reader that isn’t a Kindle (and you shop on Amazon), you might be interested in downloading this free software. Having Cailbre on your PC means you can convert any e-book to pretty much any format you like.

Got a PDF but need an EPUB? How about a MOBI?

Calibre can sort you out. There is a bit of work involved, but it’s shockingly easy. Check out the screen shots below. That’s how fast and easy you’re up and running. (And for anyone wondering, yes I was a technical writer in another life.)

1. Start with the red book icon labelled Add books.

2. If you’ve made a purchase on Amazon and delivered to Kindle for PC, you should have a folder called My Kindle Content. Find the file you want to convert and click Open.

3. Make sure the file you’re converting is selected within Calibre.

4. Click on Convert books and choose the appropriate Output format. Click OK.

5. Confirm that the desired format appears under the cover on the right hand side of the Calibre window.

6. Open your Calibre Library folder. Locate the folder for your desired title and open. You should find the newly converted format of your book. You can transfer to your Kobo via USB from here.

Originally published at www.christine-hart.ca on May 10, 2016.

Content for Stambol Studios. Novelist. Artist. Mom.

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