An experiment in off-site blogging

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Once every few years I overhaul my personal website. It’s a painstaking process, one that’s usually a gamble as to whether or not the new design is better than the old one. Sometimes I take a bigger leap, making a more drastic change. October 2016 was kind of a biggie. Which is why I’m writing this post.

I fell in love with an awesome bookish blog template, bought it and started modding it like crazy to make my content fit within it’s proverbial walls. But because this is a blog template, not a standalone website, to make it work, I need to start blogging elsewhere. (The adorable 3D book thumbnails on my home page are actually blog posts and will be displaced by future posts, items which don’t need to look like books.)

I can’t stop blogging, though. (Or can I?) No, I’m a writer and content creator as much as I’m an author. So it’s off to Medium for the foreseeable future. If I’ve promoted your book or linked to your site, I’m going to leave all the archived content here at I hope it gives a bit of SEO love to the wonderful indie authors I’ve been fortunate to host here.

Is this little experiment a good idea? Will it work? I hope so, in both cases. So, no more rambling. Below is the link to my home on Medium. You’ll find all new writing and book-related blog posts, along with my work as a VR blogger. I hope to see you there!

Originally published at on November 16, 2016.

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