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As conversations about Digital Art and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) proliferate around the world, we’re seeing a lot of furrowed brows. How can someone possibly want a collectible or a piece of art that isn’t really … real?

But let’s back the bus up a bit here. Do you need a bit more info about what a non-fungible token actually is? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This hot new term/trend has a lot of people confused by what it even means, never mind why it’s popular.

Non-fungible” means irreplaceable. Ah, okay, exclusivity. That’s a piece of the puzzle. And “token”…

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The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything. Starting and hopefully ending with the world of Health Care. We know a lot of these changes, particularly the shift to Telehealth models, will be here to stay, however painful their origins may have been.

We’ve been asking for several years now; can spatial computing reshape Health Care? It seems the reality is, as usual, more complex than most of us could have foreseen. Our current reality combines the need to stay at home with the proliferation of smartphones and growing applications for Extended Reality in Health Care. …

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As the entire world races toward the finish line of the Covid-19 pandemic, setbacks are plentiful and fresh challenges are leaving many discouraged. Since now is the time to stay strong regarding social distancing and limiting outings, we want to take a close look at what VR at Home can offer.

What can fresh content or a new headset contribute to your wellbeing and productivity? Benefits can be as simple as making you happy. Coping with stress in your off-hours and staying on task while working is both critical and daunting. …

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The entire mega-industry that is Global Tourism has been one of the hardest hit by the 2020 pandemic. From opulent resorts to seasonal tour operators, the tourism businesses that have been able to weather this economic storm now face an uphill battle toward recovery and stability. In 2021 — and for the next few years at least — Tourism Marketing must work harder and smarter than ever.

But spring is finally here. More importantly, vaccines are finally here. So, tourism businesses can now plan (properly) for the future. Starting with the first few issues that need attention. Adhere to remaining…

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Did you start your business with a clear plan that DIDN’T include an ecommerce component? It used to be a choice. “We’ll focus on our storefront experience. We’ll be known for thoughtful customer service and high-quality products. We don’t sell enough volume to bother with online sales. All our website needs to do is provide basic info.” Whatever the basis for your decision, the 2020 pandemic has changed consumer behaviour to the point that Digital Transformation for Retailers is no longer a choice, it’s a deal-breaker.

We would go as far as to say that almost any physical location —…

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The explosion of digital publishing in the last decade has made me think long and hard about each and every story idea that pops into my little head. After all, when the book market (YA in particular) is so insanely saturated, what am I doing thinking about writing yet one more novel?

The reason to write The Electric Girl wasn’t necessarily rational. It was more of a compulsion than anything else. It’s partly that I needed to get this bizarre story out of my head so I could get on with my life; that’s true of every book or bauble…

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Your marketing strategies need to be strong, yet agile and detailed, yet adaptable to survive the economic challenges of the next decade. But before you spend a grown-up amount of money on Digital Marketing, you want to be sure that the strategy will be effective. And by extension, you want to be sure that you’re ‘ready’ to get noticed. Sound familiar?

So, while you wait for enough positive feedback on your product or service, you’re probably jointly watching tech trends and combing publications for insights. You’re earnestly trying to get to the bottom of which Digital Marketing products will actually…

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How was 2020 for your business? It’s not a popular question, we know. It’s been difficult, strange, or both for just about everyone. So, a concept that seems kind of abstract — like working with a Technology Partner — can feel like something you should pass over. On the contrary, now is the exact right time to look at transforming your business.

As most industries around the world continue recovering from pandemic-related economic hardship, we all still operate with expectations that businesses aren’t running at full speed. Use this time accordingly! …

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Like most conferences these days, CES 2021 took place exclusively online. While we’re all missing in-person events and networking opportunities, this year’s show still covered a lot of exciting ground. And from the glass-is-half-full perspective, technology companies are some of the best equipped to adapt to virtual events. So, we think it’s still more than worthwhile to unpack the progress showcased by Tech Products presented at CES.

Naturally, we saw a strong focus on health, sanitation, and home-based items. We’ve been expecting to see a long-term shift to higher hygiene standards and more home-centred lifestyles. …

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Our world has long used technology to perform tasks with minimal human intervention. We’ve been doing this for thousands of years, although it didn’t really explode until the industrial revolution of the mid-eighteenth century. And in the twenty-first century, we’re in the heart of a new wave of Automation Technology with no end in sight.

“Automation is the creation and application of technologies to produce and deliver goods and services with minimal human intervention.” —

As exciting as we find new tech, we also know there are valid concerns. Like what happens to the employees left behind when software…

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